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CopyProof™ specialises in the security of "sensitive" and "confidential documents" from "counterfeit", "fraud", "illegal copying", "employee theft" and "leaks".

CopyProof™ helps businesses "worldwide" in protecting "Intellectual Property Rights", "Data Protection" and "security" of "sensitive documents".

With CopyProof™ your documents are safe and secure
from counterfeit!

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Trusted! - Patented! - Secured! Copy Proof Paper ™©
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COUNTERFEIT PREVENTION & DETECTION Counterfeit Proof Paper Effective
To Protect Intellectual Property
& Data Protection


CopyProof™ provides copy proof paper and anti-copy paper which helps protect sensitive and confidential documents from counterfeit, fraud, illegal copying, employee theft and leaks.


With CopyProof’s trusted copy proof paper & anti-copy paper, you are fully protected from other organisation, corporate spies, employee theft or industrial espionage from tampering, copying, leaking or stealing your documentation.


CopyProof’s security papers work with all home and office printers and most off-set printers, simply print onto the copy proof paper or anti-copy paper and your documents are secure.

FRAUD PREVENTION & DETECTION Prevent Document Fraud & Secure Intellectual Property & Data Protection


Legal Paper.

Copy & Counterfeit Proof!
Effective to protect Intellectual Property Rights & Data Protection.

When copied the words “ILLEGAL COPY” show on a colour or black & white photocopy, computer scan or fax.



Anti-Copy Paper.

Copy & Counterfeit Proof!
Effective to stop unwanted copies of your sensitive or security documents.

When copied the device will either refuse to make a copy, or print a black and distorted copy making the copy virtually unreadable.


SECURE SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS Stop Unwanted Photocopies, Computer Scans & Faxes'


“Copy Proof Paper” is designed to “identify duplicate documents” from their originals and clearly mark them as “illegal copies”.  No copy could be passed off or used as an original document.

Photocopy Proof! 
Computer Scanner Proof!
Fax Proof!


“Copy Resistant Paper” is designed to be resistant against copying and “prevent unwanted copying of sensitive or security documents”.  No copy could be passed off or used as an original document.

Photocopy Resistant! 
Computer Scanner Resistant!
Fax Resistant!


“Copy Reactive Paper” is a “bespoke printed paper” which can include upto 10 “high security” features for a very unique and secure paper, as used with “bank note security”.

Photocopy Reactive!
Computer Scanner Reactive!
Fax Reactive!

COPYPROOF™ PRINTING TECHNOLOGY Intelligent | Innovative | Effective


How Does Copy Proof Paper Work?

Copy proof paper” uses a very specialist form of microscopic printing to embed a warning message or bespoke warning image into a non-replicable security background design.

The warning message on “copy proof paper” is made up of microscopic dots and very fine lines which are printed at an angle whereby a photocopier, computer scanner or fax machine would be unable to accurately replicate.  When copied the micro-dots reprint as a complete image, this causes the copy to appear clearly different from the original.

The photocopy, computer scan or fax will show a robust “ILLEGAL COPY” warning message making the copied document identifiable as a counterfeit, illegal copy or duplicate copy.

The hidden and inconspicuous warning message is almost invisible on the original document, the micro-characters can be seen when using a magnifying glass, or by simply making a copy using a photocopier, computer scanner or fax machine.

Trusted! – Patented! – Secured!

Copy proof paper” provides businesses and organisations with a world class level of security for their confidential and/or sensitive documentation.  It is widely used in education, research & development, forensic science, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and more! 

Any confidential or sensitive document which could cause risk to a business or organisation if copied and used as an original document when can be effectively secured and protected from accurate duplication with “copy proof paper“.

Any duplicated document using “copy proof paper” by a photocopier, computer scanner or fax machine will be presented with a robust “ILLEGAL COPY” warning message, identifying it as a counterfeit and illegal copy, making the original document “copy proof”.

A Patented deterrent against unwanted & illegal copying!


How Does Copy Resistant Paper Work?

Copy resistant paper” uses microscopic printing technology combined with a patented “anti-copy” feature, similar to what is used on most bank notes in use by over 60 countries.

“Copy resistant paper” uses multiple security parameters to be resistant against the latest high end colour copying devices.

“Copy reactive paper” was designed to combat tampering and duplication of sensitive or security documents using high end scanning equipment.  The anti-copy technology uses multiple levels of security which creates different anti-copy effects on most scanning & colour copying devices in use today.

Trusted! – Patented! – Secured!

When copied using a black & white copying device, the document copy will show a warning message (similar to copy proof paper) meaning no alteration, tampering or accurate copying can be achieved, the copy is clearly evident as an duplicate document and would not be usable as an original document.

When copied using a high end colour copying device the copy will distort making it virtually unreadable, on some models the software will refuse to print a copy all together, protecting your secure document from unauthorised or unwanted disclosure.

A Patented deterrent against unwanted disclosure & unwanted copying!


Advanced printing technology using covert & overt security designed to validate document authenticity!

Document fraud is an ever growing problem which impacts all types of businesses and institutions.  The result is not only financial loses, but also damaging and harming the organisations reputation or operation.

Our high security “copy reactive paper” combats two types of fraud.  The first type of fraud is the counterfeiting and reproduction of a security or sensitive documents by unauthorised copying and printing.  

The second type of fraud which “copy reactive paper” prevents is forgery, the unauthorised alteration of security or sensitive information.

Trusted! – Patented! – Secured!

What is “copy reactive paper” used for?  Certificates like many other security  documents are one of the most sough after documents by organised crime and fraudulent criminals who provide counterfeited qualification certificates to people with no qualifications or partial qualifications who are seeking employment in certain positions.

Using the latest technology to provide upto 10 personalised security features, varied formats and state of the art software to incorporate your database into accurately produced high security documents personalised to your requirements, insuring a high quality security document which is reactive to copying.  Copy reactive technology can be applied to any security sensitive documents, vouchers, tickets, certificates and identification.

A Patented deterrent against unauthorised & illegal duplication!

Copy Proof Paper
Copy Resist Range

The photocopy, computer scan or fax will show a robust “COPY RESIST” warning message making the copied document identifiable as a counterfeit, illegal copy or duplicate copy.

CopyProofPaper Copy Resist Range

Copy Resistant
Anti-Copy Paper

Microscopic printing technology combined with a patented “anti-copy” feature designed to be resistant against the latest high end colour copying devices.


CopyProofPaper Copy_Resist_Range_with_Anti Copy


By using CopyProof it shows your clients, users and the general public that your organisation takes security as seriously as we do!  Enabling peace of mind and public trust that any personal, financial or security sensitive information is being held and protected with utmost care.



It is the companies or organisations duty of care to handle data with a compliant security application, be it validated software or specialist paper.  Data regulations require adequate records of data changes, data breaches and data security policies to be used which are the necessary steps to be compliant with Government legislations and laws.  Companies and organisations that fail in these area can be subject to a heavy fine by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

data protection europe

CopyProof provides custom printed security documents and base stock security paper to public and private sectors around the globe to help businesses and organisations comply with Government Data Security Policies (worldwide), Data Protection Act / Legislation (UK) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU).

Taking Security Seriously!

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General applications on our range of copy proof, copy resist and copy react security papers.

Intellectual Property Rights
Data Protection
Company Confidentiality

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